So what’s this all about?

Well, heat management in the mining and heavy industrial sectors, continues to be one of the foremost risks to both the health and safety of workers and the operational stability of the mine or workplace. Regulations already in place have shown to have a limited effect, and involve counterproductive measures to control the effects of heat stress such as –

  • Reduced activity
  • Work rotation
  • Stop work for a period

Heat Stress is the sum of the environmental and metabolic heat loads on the body.

So we asked ourselves:

What if we had the means to provide chilled air to localised areas to gain control of the “environmental” condition of heat stress?

We sought to meet this by implementing a lightweight system that can rapidly and effectively cool an area to substantially improve mining conditions, by maintaining compliant and acceptable temperatures for heat management.

It all stemmed from recognising potential in a phenomenon in thermodynamics from the early 1900s! Coupled with our modern technology and innovative thinking, we have developed “The Cool Tube®” for the intended use of:

  • Mining activities such as Longwalls, Development units.
  • Additional ventilation to frictional ignition areas without gas recirculation.
  • Confined space locations such as vessels, dragline tubs and hoppers.
  • Concealed areas, tunnels and shafts.
  • Surface exploration drill rig operator and recovery tent cooling.
  • Positive pressure air conditioned refuge chambers, COBs and crib areas.
  • Marine Engineering Spaces and Tank Compartments.
  • Fixed equipment and infrastructure cooling – IE transformers, electric
    motors, gearboxes, radiators and bearings.
  • Air condition containers storing items such as chemicals and electrical parts.
  • Any hot and or humid work area with access to compressed air.

This highly-effective development is a proven solution for delivering and maintaining manageable conditions in an otherwise heated situation.

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