How it Works

* The Cool Tube® cold end outlet air temperature is a linear temperature drop from the compressed air inlet temperature. The Cool Tube® has been modelled on an average compressed air temperature of 27℃ at 87PSI (7 Bar) giving a linear drop of approximately 23℃, to give the best volume of cold fraction air against warm air discharge.

NOTE: The Cool tube® will continue to function as intended if cared for, used as intended, not tampered with and used as directed.

The Cool Tube® User Instructions

  1. Remove shaft locking pin & swivel mount arm of cooling tube to desired angle. Replace pin.
  2. Connect compressed air supply and secure as per site standard.
  3. If installing a 2” diameter hose extension (Recommended for maximum dB reduction) on the warm air discharge ventilated heat shield, remove the round warm air discharge end cap that is tethered to the unit. Ensure that the hose length does not have any “dips” that could reduce the efficiency of “The Cool Tube®“, by allowing any water in the compressed air supply to be trapped, which will in turn inhibit the escape path of the warm air. A baffle, 250mm muffler, or a restriction such as course steel wool in the end of the bull hose to reduce any residual noise is an effective addition to the final installation. Ensure that the bull hose covers all of the warm air discharge end of “The Cool Tube®“. Keep the radial 3mm holes around the warm air discharge clear and free of build‐up.
  4. Connect earthing cable clamp to grounded location if required by site risk assessment. “The Cool Tube®” is fully electrically bonded with no non conductive components used to ensure no static electricity generated in the units, however an earth clamp has been added as a secondary control when used in hazardous environments.
  5. Turn on compressed air supply. Cold air supply should be immediate; however steady state temperatures may take up to 2 minutes to settle. If installing a flexible extension hose on the cold end, ensure that the cross sectional area of the hose or ducting is greater than the cold outlet of “The Cool Tube®”. A back pressure of greater than 4 PSI on the cold end will reduce the performance of “The Cool Tube®” by as much as 3°C.
  6. “The Cool Tube®” can be flushed with pressurised water for internal cleaning.

Magnetic Base Adaptor User Instructions

  1. Remove shaft locking pin & swivel mount arm of cooling tube to desired angle. Replace pin.
  2. Screw cooling tube onto mag base adaptor.
  3. Ensure ferrous item to act as the mounting plate is clean and flat otherwise performance of the magnet will be affected. Holding strength depends on material thickness. Mounting plate thickness >5mm is ideal.
  4. The magnetic base is not a lifting device and no other items are to be supported by it.
  5. Place mag base on clean surface, turn and engage the magnet lever into the locked position.
  6. Ensure to connect safety tether from mag base to fixed location on mounting point. The tether is intended only to support the fall of the cooling tube due to poor magnet mounting technique and should not be used for any other manner.
  7. Test connection strength while tethered before leaving fully unattended.

Extension Adaptor User Instructions

  1. Screw male end of adaptor into nut on cooling tube adjustable arm.
  2. Screw female end of adaptor onto bolt, magnet or mounting point.
  3. Tighten firmly

Muffler Extension User Instructions

  1. Screw male end of muffler extension into female 1” BSP exhaust fixed muffler.
  2. Tighten firmly.